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he messaged me
he is fine
he is ok
everythings ok
  • Mood: Relief
i'm thinking of making my churchofhypnola group like a group version of stupidityimpulse/dietshit/killingdignity and especially a central for stupidityimpulse
like a hangout for most of my fronds where you can put art and submit journals and anything like just the worst/best group ever at once
who would participate in this monstrosity if i did so

p.s. i'm still worried about Dezenerate i am just trying to not worry???? idk how that works or how to do that but that is a thing that is attempting to occur
  • Mood: Stuck
has anyone seen Dezenerate lately
i'm getting worried???
  • Mood: Scared
i think Kalypso is a pretty cool name and a better way to spelel that
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  • Mood: Eager
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:bulletorange: got into the habit of walking dog
:bulletorange: got into the habit of regular light exercise
:bulletorange: got into the habit of doing dishes
:bulletorange: signed up for ged classes
:bulletorange: remember to take meds regularly
:bulletorange: got lots of story ideas
:bulletorange: wrote part of my story idea down
:bulletorange: did some rough character profiles
:bulletorange: learned how to make grilled cheese
:bulletorange: learned how to make lattes
:bulletorange: finally drew a plant satyr that wasn't completely awful
  • Mood: Eager
  • Drinking: latte
I admitted myself to a psych ward Thursday night, because I had attempted suicide. They gave me a generic for Prozac, it worked, and they sent me home Tuesday night. I'm going to keep taking it. It makes me kind of sleepy though.

I made a few friends while I was there. They had a room with fishies in it. One of the fish got killed by the other fish, it was an aggressive and territorial kind. o:
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  • Listening to: Obedear by Purity Ring
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i cant believe we're still misplaced b/c of this jejune fucking plumbing bullshit
  • Mood: Movingon
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i will stick around, but less than my insane activity level before i quit

shit that happened:

the apartment flooded, we had to evacuate. mom and i are living with mom's gramma until things are sorted, bro is staying elsewhere. the sink had backed up and the manager refused to call a plumber or even send over their incompetent maintenance crew until monday (this happened friday evening). apparently, this happened in six other apartments that were connected to one pipe. the manager got fired for refusing to help and trying to fine us when the clog that caused this originated elsewhere (according to the plumbers they called in on monday). this happened... late january? we are probably going to sue, they promised us shit in writing and won't pay up. 90% of our shit got destroyed. mom and i were sick for a week and a half, i fainted the second day. (bro and i had evacuated second day and originally we were both staying at the same place, but a couple days after i fainted i was still sick and missed mom too much :x i get emotional when i'm sick)

i've come to terms with having mental problems that i need help with and got my old counselor back, the one i really like. i might get my ged soon, and might be getting cognitive behavior therapy for my anxiety through her. (a lot of these things require someone like her to recommend you for some reason)

i have applied for several shit jobs and failed

my relationship with my brother has improved somewhat since we are not cramped together constantly
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I've decided I like tumblr better. If you want to keep in touch with me, I'll be there. I respond to most replies and asks.

If you don't want to use tumblr but still want to talk to me, I might let you text me. If you note me I'll decide. I use Google Voice, so the texts are free to me. Don't worry about that. :}
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why do they make heels where the person's basically standing on their toes? i don't think it's made for walking or anything... is it fetish gear or some shit? still'd be weird man
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the closer it gets to election day the more it sinks in that voting for a third party candidate probably won't do jack shit the way they count votes. hell, even voting for obama might not. my vote might not even count at all no matter who i vote for. i wish they did popular vote instead of this overcomplicated state bullshit that might end up with representative or what the fuck ever bullshit.
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Mom sent me out with like half a dozen coupons and now she's mad because I apparently lost one that she didn't send me with. I checked what I had right before I fucking left, if I lost it, it's in her goddamn room because that's the only place I haven't already checked. She's also mad that I got snacks. Yes, we already have chips, but it's not like we aren't going to eat these too. :u

She's also mad that I didn't get her cigarettes. I forgot my id, because i was in a hurry to get my medicine. That's what I went there for. My medicine that's been out for half a week that she refused to go down there to get on her stupid shitty electric scooter or ask gramma to take us there for when she drove us yesterday so I had to walk half a mile. :///// They won't give me cigarettes without an ID, I look like I'm 12.
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earlier mom and i went to the store a few blocks away to get food and shit. it was cold out and my ears got stuffed up, and i didn't hear mom telling me stuff. i had told her about when it started that my ears were stuffed up but she kept saying shit outside of my normal hearing range, much less my decreased one.

then when we get home i asked her if she got a 2 liter of pop and she's like "no i told you to get it" and i was like "you told me to look for food" and she's like "no i told you to get what you want" and i'm like "no you told me to get food thats different, you said we were there for pop" and she's like "i said go get pop too why didn't you get it" and i'm like "i didn't hear you i told you like five times that my ears were plugged up" and she's all "youre a fucking adult you knew what we were there for you should have knew this would happen and took medicine for it"

like she expects me to predict the weather???

she gave me the card later to get some but dragged me into this whole weird unnecessary argument first wtf
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we got our first jehovah's witnesses at our door
this feels like some sort of milestone

its kinda weird where people come up to you all religious and shit and you could tell you wouldn't know they were religious if you weren't having that exact conversation

and theyre like people

like she went to this place i went to for her vision thats for people with vision problems that normal glasses places cant help

idk i guess i sort of tend to dehumanize religious people somewhat because i'm afraid of them.. i sort of think they all believe the same exact things that the religious people who hurt me or want to hurt me do just because they believe the same religion

its unreasonable, i know, but i was pretty fuckin traumatized by some of these people man

woah that was way longer than i planned
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stuff i've been meaning to feature idk

Zephyr by IheartnellaCrystal Sparda by viper-fish
All I See Is Lies by ladyyatexelPurple Flower by Sciurida

Mature Content

Fawn Birth by FawnBirth

Eistre by CHESS-StudioDon't Bite by raiinysummerPainted Bird by mitzieBgood
Jaguar by ThessaGreenleaf
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mom thinks i am doing absolutely nothing to stop the infection from spreading since i still have it and she doesn't, so she's still lecturing me... i don't think she grasped that whole "compromised immune system" thing they've been telling her for the past 12 years.

now she's complaining that i was too loud and woke her up WOW GOSH sorry for coughing while i'm sick
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The contest was at ArtMeltingPot! :la:…

:bulletorange::bulletgreen::bulletpink:1st Place :iconvissyscrafts: Vissyscrafts :bulletpink::bulletgreen::bulletorange:
Childhood Summer Memories ~ Teddy Among Sunflowers by VissyscraftsGray Kitten by VissyscraftsKoi Pond by VissyscraftsGrand Piano Elegance by VissyscraftsCookies Buttons by VissyscraftsAll About Chocolate by Vissyscrafts

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On a Sunny Day by Evey90Teatro Pavana by Evey90Curious by Evey90
Rain No More by Evey90Left Here by Evey90:thumb202204072:
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i tried to see the impossible yellow blue color but i cant
now my eyes wont stop trying to cross
i'm sad
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you should check this person out and like watch them
seriously look at this

Sora by ChisariPerplexi doll by ChisariSaibraeus by ChisariRosette by Chisari

kairinne by ChisariKuro-nee by ChisariMasahiro by ChisariCinnai-chan 1 by ChisariSanael + Kishara by ChisariPerplexi redesign by Chisari
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